Global Graduates

Global Graduates is a programme which allows students to meet alumni across the world. Our current host cities are Dubai, Hong Kong, London/Zurich, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto.

The programme provides selected students with funding to travel to global business destinations for a week of in-depth meetings with alumni working in organisations that they might not be able to access within their own networks. Students have met with hosts working at American Express, Apple, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Google, FCO, KPMG, NBC Universal, Pearsons, and the UN. Over 85% of students who have benefited from the programme are from backgrounds where people do not generally go onto a university education.

The students who take part in the programme benefit from the experience in multiple ways:

  • Their aspirations are raised;
  • They have opportunities to develop relationships with high-profile alumni;
  • the develop a heightened cultural awareness;
  • Through the assessment centre-style selection process, they are able to experience of the recruitment techniques they will participate in upon graduation.

Those who have participated have gone on to work for Grant Thornton, Hilti, HSBC, KPMG, Lloyds, and PwC and to start their own companies.

100% of students who participated in 2016 reported that their confidence in dealing with professionals had increased, that they felt motivated to take action regarding their career, and that they had learnt about careers that they didn’t know where an option for them.

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