Meet alumni near you

With more than 500,000 alumni worldwide, you’ll never be far from another graduate of The University of Manchester.

There are established alumni groups in countries around the world to help you stay connected to each other and to the University

Alumni groups can help you:

  • socialise and make friends with alumni at events in your area;
  • connect with alumni who studied the same subject or work in the same sector;
  • get advice from graduates who work in an industry you’re interested in;
  • offer career advice to students and new graduates in your country;
  • become an ambassador for the University by talking to students considering applying to study with us.

Find your nearest alumni contact and get in touch with them to join a group in your area.

How we use your information

The University of Manchester Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DDAR) processes personal information in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. Our Privacy Notice is available here; and further information about data protection at the University is available here. Please tell us how you want to hear from DDAR by contacting us on or +44 (0)161 306 3066; if you are a graduate you can also manage your personal information online at