Find your nearest alumni coordinator in Oceania below. If there is no active network near you, why not volunteer to start one?


National, Julia Eagles

Email: julia.eagles2@gmail.com

Adelaide, Jane McKie

Email: Jane.mckie@bigpond.com; +61 (0) 466 033 797

Adelaide, Jenny Chen

Email: chejy063@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Adelaide, Tanya Keen

Email: ntkeen@hotmail.co.uk

Brisbane, Meriel Chamberlin

Email: meriel@atigroup.biz

Canberra, Jack Milne

Email: jamilne09@gmail.com

Canberra, Mike Kennedy

Email: Kennedym@tpg.com.au

Darwin, Sung-Kheng Er

Email: skinperth@gmail.com; +61 (0)451 468 815

Melbourne, Ben Carney

Email: ben_carney@optusnet.com.au

Melbourne, Ravijeet Dang

Email: mail@ravijeet.com

Perth, John Hoddinott

Email: john.hoddinott@au.ey.com

Perth, Ali Local

Email: ali.local@live.com.au; +61 (0)404 111 745

Sydney, Geoff Turner

Email: c/o kyriaki.protopapa@manchester.ac.uk

Sydney, Joe Demian

Email: joseph_demien@hotmail.com

Sydney, Prasad Wimalasiri

Email: Prasad.Wimalasiri@alumni.manchester.ac.uk

Tasmania, Subhrajit Sinha

Email: subhrajit_sinha@yahoo.co.uk

New Zealand

Auckland, Chris Harding

Email: chrisglobal@hotmail.com

Auckland, Julian Randall

Email: jtrandall@outlook.com

Dunedin, Otago and Southland, Tim Henry

Email: timhenrydesigns@hotmail.com

Wellington, Ralph Stewart

email: ralph.stewart@lifetimeincome.co.nz