Find your nearest alumni coordinator in Oceania below. If there is no active network near you, why not volunteer to start one?

Join the below Facebook groups to connect with local alumni:

University of Manchester Alumni Australia

University of Manchester alumni Australia/New Zealand


National, Julia Eagles

Email: julia.eagles2@gmail.com

Adelaide, Jane McKie

Email: Jane.mckie@bigpond.com; +61 (0) 466 033 797

Adelaide, Jenny Chen

Email: chejy063@mymail.unisa.edu.au

Adelaide, Tanya Keen

Email: ntkeen@hotmail.co.uk

Brisbane, Meriel Chamberlin

Email: meriel@atigroup.biz

Canberra, Jack Milne

Email: jamilne09@gmail.com

Canberra, Mike Kennedy

Email: Kennedym@tpg.com.au

Darwin, Sung-Kheng Er

Email: skinperth@gmail.com; +61 (0)451 468 815

Melbourne, Ben Carney

Email: ben_carney@optusnet.com.au

Melbourne, Ravijeet Dang

Email: mail@ravijeet.com

Perth, John Hoddinott

Email: john.hoddinott@au.ey.com

Perth, Ali Local

Email: ali.local@live.com.au; +61 (0)404 111 745

Sydney, Geoff Turner

Email: c/o kyriaki.protopapa@manchester.ac.uk

Sydney, Joe Demian

Email: joseph_demien@hotmail.com

Sydney, Prasad Wimalasiri

Email: Prasad.Wimalasiri@alumni.manchester.ac.uk

Tasmania, Subhrajit Sinha

Email: subhrajit_sinha@yahoo.co.uk; +61 470 306 158

New Zealand

Auckland, Chris Harding

Email: chrisglobal@hotmail.com

Auckland, Julian Randall

Email: jtrandall@outlook.com

Dunedin, Otago and Southland, Tim Henry

Email: timhenrydesigns@hotmail.com

Wellington, Ralph Stewart

email: ralph.stewart@lifetimeincome.co.nz; +64 21 89 55 33