General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of more than 200 members. The majority of these are lay members who hold no paid appointment at the University. However, it does also include some members of the University staff and students.

20 representatives are made up of the University’s graduates and are elected by the Alumni Association:

  • Ms Gillian Adams (2020)
  • Mr Rock Adjei-Baah (2017)
  • Dr Yaser F. Al-Abdi (2017)
  • Miss Emefa Bonsu (2018)
  • Mr Christopher J Boyes (2018)
  • Ms Sarah Cheetham (2017)
  • Dr William Hamilton Craig (2018)
  • Mr Peter Dickinson (2019)
  • Mr Mark Dunwell (2018)
  • Mr Peter Eccles (2018)
  • Professor Susan Edwards (2019)
  • Mr Shaun Geaney (2019)
  • Mr Jim Hancock (2020)
  • Dr Simon Hayward (2020)
  • Mr Michael Hockney OBE (2017)
  • Ms Chantelle Kelly (2017)
  • Mr Gareth Lewis (2017)
  • Dr Paul Mitchell (2019)
  • Mr Anthony D Morris (2018)
  • Dr George Neisser (2020)
  • Dr Raj Patel (2020)
  • Dr Lucy Smyth (2019)
  • Ms Helen C Stevens (2020)
  • Ms Janine Watson (2020)
  • Dr Cornelia Wilson (2018)

New representatives

After conducting an online vote in 2017, seven new Alumni Representatives were elected to the General Assembly and will take up post in September 2017.

You can download candidate statements these new members of the General Assembly (all the files below are PDF documents).

Advisory Board

The Alumni Association Advisory Board provides advice, support and guidance for the operation of the Alumni Association.

It is a vital connecting point for the University and its Alumni Association and is attended by a representative cross-section of the alumni body, comprising of:

  • Chair of the Association
  • Deputy Chair of the Association ex officio
  • Secretary to the Association ex officio
  • General Secretary of the University Students’ Union or their delegate
  • An Association member who graduated within the previous five years
  • At least one internationally-based Association member
  • A member of the General Assembly
  • Three elected members of the Alumni Association
  • Co-opted Association members

Duties and Responsibilities of an Alumni Association Advisory Board Member

Download the Duties and Responsibilities of an Alumni Association Advisory Board Member:

Advisory Board Members hold office for a period of up to three years in the first instance. Membership is then renewable for a further period not exceeding three years.

If it is deemed beneficial to the work of the Advisory Board and the Alumni Association to allow any member to remain on the Advisory Board after a period of six years, this is allowable at the discretion of the University Board in consultation with the Officers of the Association.

Current members of the Advisory Board

You can download biographies of current members of the Advisory Board (all the files below are PDF documents).

Minutes of meetings of the Advisory Board

You can download the minutes of our Advisory Board meetings from previous years (all the files below are PDF documents).

Open Meetings

Alumni Association Open Meetings meet twice a year and are an opportunity for alumni to receive updates from The University of Manchester on strategically significant business.


Download The University of Manchester Alumni Association Constitution:

Board of Governors

Mr Andrew D Spinoza represents the Alumni Association on the Board of Governors of The University of Manchester.