Class of 2017: update your details

After you graduate, you’ll automatically become a member of our global community of 350,000 alumni – the largest of any campus-based university in the UK.


Free access to the Manchester Network

Alumni receive free access our online advice service, the Manchester Network and all summer 2017 graduates should by now have received an invitation to join the network. Check and update your details now by logging into the Manchester Network and then going to the University Record tab.

The Manchester Network lets you get ahead as you search for the perfect career by connecting you with fellow alumni around the world who want to offer advice, work experience and even jobs to people like you.

Library e-resources and exciting events

By staying in touch with the University we can also send you news, invitations to exciting events, and information about volunteering opportunities or ways you can give back to Manchester. You’ll also receive free access to Library e-resources like JSTOR.

Graduated in 2016 or earlier?